Sound Designer David B. Marling brings his unique spin on sound design.  He adds his character by immersing the audience with real-to-life environmental and suggestive sound cues. He has designed for many independent films and live productions.


Arts Beat LA - WHITE PEOPLE  While the performances are all good, and the writing is edgy, emotional and thought provoking, the best thing about this production is the subtle and evocative sound design by David B. Marling which beautifully underpins the often heart-wrenching text in an increasingly interesting fashion.

Stage Scene - Pen  David B. Marling’s sensational sound design has set us  smack dab in the middle of one of the most tumultuous years of the 20th Century, 1969, with an audio collage of news reports, Top 40 hits, TV themes, and voices from the 60s.

Dr. Jekyll  & Mr. Hyde  -  David B. Marling’s sound design is one of his best, with disturbing growls and heavy breathing often providing a backdrop to the action.

Los Angeles Times - Craig Wright's The Unseen  is punctuated by ear-splitting clangs and metallic screeches courtesy of David B. Marling’s superb sound design.

Specializing in creating audio environments perfect for exhibits, performances and displays.

Sound FX Design, Audio Restoration and Archival Services, Unique Design and Production Style, Voice Overs,  and more...

Past Projects

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Stage and Cinema  - The Ballad of Emmett Till

 Special praise must be bestowed lavishly upon David B. Marling’s sound design; this is work of a very high order, indeed. Sounds pop up everywhere, familiar and ordinary at times, eerie and strange at other times.

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